A Guide to New Year’s #Resolutions

A Guide to New Year’s #Resolutions

A Guide to New Year’s #Resolutions
Gaurav Ojha
As New Year begins to approach out of nowhere the idea of making resolutions begins to itch my mind again. After all the idea of new year resolution always seems exciting because it carries a subtle hope that we can start things a new, fresh and more importantly we can radically alter our life experiences. By the way, so much of what we do depends on our moods, any it is not different with making resolutions either, however, the experiences of broken resolutions from previous years kept on hammering my mind, what about them, where have they gone, are they even within my mental horizons or else they have simply puffed like smoke from my being altogether?
This passing year for me has been rather stoic, yes I managed to pull myself through some books of stoicism and I was in the mood to formulate my resolutions as a stoic for the coming year, and following the first rule of stoicism I decided to keep my resolutions with the boundaries of my realistic expectation. But, again, I asked myself, this idea of starting things anew and refreshing itself seems as an unrealistic expectation. The notion of starting a new and fresh seems alluring and interesting but will it be possible, will I be able to remake myself as a person competent, committed and capable enough to carry on with my resolutions I have been formulating all this while, if I am not authentic to myself how on earth can my resolutions be realistic?
As I was already struggling with myself I thought about reflecting on with stoic thoughts and I gradually began to realize why I have been so miserable with my resolutions till now, the first issue was related to setting unrealistic and impractical goals without adequate preparations, before setting the goal of walking a mile a day for the coming year, I should at least before two months before the new year itself at least half a mile would do for now.
Secondly, I have failed to realize so much of what we do and what will be its outcome is actually beyond our control, even if I keep-up with all my resolutions sincerely its results, impact or outcome can be radically different from my expectations. Indeed so much of what we do, how we achieve things or how we feel about them is beyond our control.

Thirdly, always keep outcome over intention and what matters most with resolutions are outcomes not intentions. We fail to keep most of our resolutions because they are more intention oriented than outcome based, for example my intention of not taking extra sugar or avoiding junk food only becomes relevant if my lipid profile test matches with my intentions, it is simple as this, never fall under the trap of intention over outcome. And, my final suggestion would be to make and keep your resolutions wisely and be radically realistic about our expectations. After all, you are what you make out of yourself with your life.

Gaurav Ojha, Instructor @ Sunway Int’l Business School

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