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Automatic Obstacle-Avoiding Car with Arduino & Ultrasonic Censor

Automatic Obstacle-Avoiding Car with Arduino & Ultrasonic Censor

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a transformative force, connecting various physical devices and enabling them to communicate and share data seamlessly. At Sunway College Kathmandu, we recognize the significance of IoT and its potential to revolutionize numerous industries. Our dedicated IoT team supports students in exploring and creating innovative projects, turning their ideas into reality.

One remarkable creation by our talented IT and research team is the IoT-Based Obstacle-Avoiding Car. At Sunway College Kathmandu, we are committed to empowering our students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the realm of IoT. Let’s have a good insight into IoT-Based Automatic Obstacle-Avoiding Car.


In recent years, the advancement of technology has revolutionized the automotive industry, paving the way for intelligent and autonomous vehicles. One such development is the automatic obstacle-avoiding car, which utilizes various components like Arduino, Arduino Motor Shield, HC-05 Bluetooth module, Ultrasonic sensor, and voice detection using Android to create a sophisticated and efficient system. This research paper aims to explore the design, implementation, and functionality of such a car, highlighting its potential applications and benefits.

Overview of the System

Automatic Obstacle-Avoiding Car with Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor for Intelligent Navigation is a smart vehicle that can autonomously detect obstacles in its path and navigate accordingly. The system integrates multiple components to achieve its functionality:

  1. Arduino: Arduino is an open-source microcontroller platform that serves as the brain of the car. It provides an interface between the various modules and sensors, allowing them to communicate and work together efficiently.
  2. Arduino Motor Shield: The Arduino Motor Shield is an add-on board that enables the control of multiple motors simultaneously. It allows precise control over the car’s movement, including speed, direction, and rotation.
  3. HC-05 Bluetooth Module: The HC-05 Bluetooth module facilitates wireless communication between the car and an Android device. It enables remote control of the vehicle, adding an element of convenience and versatility to the system.
  4. Ultrasonic Sensor: The ultrasonic sensor plays a crucial role in obstacle detection. By emitting ultrasonic waves and measuring the time taken for the waves to bounce back, the sensor can determine the distance between the car and any obstruction in its path.

System Design and Implementation

To implement the automatic obstacle-avoiding car, the following steps are involved:

  1. Hardware Setup
  • Connect the Arduino board to the Arduino Motor Shield and mount it on the car chassis.
  • Attach the ultrasonic sensor to the front of the car, ensuring it has a clear line of sight.
  • Connect the HC-05 Bluetooth module to the Arduino board for wireless communication.
  • Set up the Android device to establish a connection with the HC-05 module.

2. Software Development

  • Write the Arduino code to control the motor movements based on the input received from the ultrasonic sensor.
  • Develop an Android application that communicates with the car via Bluetooth.
  • Implement voice recognition capabilities in the Android application using libraries or APIs.

System Functionality

Once the system is set up, it can perform the following functions:

  1. Obstacle Detection and Avoidance: The ultrasonic sensor continuously measures the distance to nearby objects. If an obstacle is detected within a certain range, the Arduino board instructs the motors to stop or change direction to avoid a collision.
  2. Bluetooth Control: Through the Android application, the user can control the car wirelessly. They can send commands to move the car forward, backward, left, or right. The Arduino board receives these commands via the HC-05 module and executes the corresponding motor movements.

Applications and Benefits  

The automatic obstacle-avoiding car has various practical applications and benefits, including:

  1. Education and Research: This project serves as an excellent educational tool for students and hobbyists interested in robotics, automation, and embedded systems. It provides hands-on experience in assembling and programming a complex system, fostering a deeper understanding of engineering concepts. Additionally, researchers can utilize the car to explore advancements in autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance algorithms.
  2.  Indoor Navigation and Surveillance: The automatic obstacle-avoiding car can be employed in indoor environments such as warehouses, hospitals, or museums for surveillance or navigation purposes. It can autonomously navigate through the premises, avoiding obstacles and collecting valuable data or performing monitoring tasks.
  3.  Assistive Technology: The car’s obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities make it suitable for assistive technology applications. For individuals with mobility impairments, it can act as a robotic aid, helping them navigate safely through their environment. By integrating voice commands, it offers an intuitive and accessible means of control.
  4. Entertainment and Gaming: The car’s wireless control and voice recognition features make it an engaging platform for entertainment and gaming applications. Users can enjoy controlling the car remotely using their Android device, competing in obstacle courses, or participating in interactive games that require precise movements and quick responses.
  5. Prototyping and Development: The automatic obstacle-avoiding car serves as a prototyping platform for testing and developing algorithms and functionalities for autonomous vehicles. It provides a cost-effective and customizable solution for evaluating navigation strategies, sensor fusion techniques, and human-machine interaction interfaces.


Automatic Obstacle-Avoiding Car with Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor for Intelligent Navigation using Arduino, Arduino Motor Shield, HC-05, Ultrasonic Sensor, and voice detection using Android presents an innovative and practical solution for autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance. Combining these components offers a versatile and interactive platform for education, research, indoor navigation, assistive technology, entertainment, and prototyping. The integration of Bluetooth control and voice recognition further enhances the user experience, making the car more accessible and convenient to operate. With continued advancements in technology, this project opens up new possibilities for intelligent and autonomous vehicles in various domains.

This remarkable project showcases the potential of IoT technology in creating intelligent and autonomous systems. Through our dedicated IoT team, we provide our students with the necessary support and resources to explore their ideas and turn them into tangible realities. Join us at Sunway College Kathmandu to unlock your potential in the exciting world of IoT. Apply Now!


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