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Automatic Panipuri Water Dispenser At Sunway College 


At Sunway College Kathmandu, our IT and research club has developed a creative IoT Based Water dispenser. The Automatic Panipuri Water Dispenser senses when we place a puri below its dispenser pipe, the devices sense the object and fill the puri with a flavored panipuri drink. This gadget has been the pride of Sunway college and also a major source of attraction at different events. Let’s know more details on the devices used, the building process, and the working mechanism of this tech from our student Sabin Shrestha.

Hello, my name is Sabin Shrestha, and I’m now enrolled in the third semester at Sunway College Kathmandu, Nepal.

There are many automated devices developed and researched today utilizing IoT. IoT has already made life simpler for us in several ways. It greatly influences how we live our daily lives. However, this initiative is just another one that solicits donations. The project is an automated Panipuri water dispenser, as one would assume from the name.

What actually is an Automatic Panipuri Water Dispenser?

An automated PaniPuri water dispenser is a gadget that delivers flavored water in specified amounts by automatically sensing the Puri without manual effort. The panipuri’s flavored water is dispensed using this technique. The system uses electronic components such as an Arduino, a breadboard, a jumper, a relay, and an adjustable IR sensor. The system works on the straightforward premise of detecting an item beneath the sensor and signaling the relay to activate the switch.

Devices used

Keywords: Arduino, IoT, Relay, Adjustable IR Sensor

Benefits of automatic water dispenser

Not just for panipuri, this device is usable in many fields. Below are a few benefits of having an automatic water dispenser:

  • Portable
  • Less amount of human effort
  • Fetch the flavored water automatically
  • Less use of the hand.
  • Conventional
  • Increase sales

Working Process of the Automatic Panipuri Water Dispenser

The device follows 5 different steps to dispense flavored water. Let’s break it down and understand.

  1. Turn on the device
  2. Sense Objects
  3. Arduino receives data from the sensor
  4. Transmits signals to the relay to turn on the dispenser
  5. Fetch flavored water.
Working Process of the Automatic Panipuri Water Dispenser

Methodology of developing an automatic water dispenser

The methodology consists of the following steps for making this project real:

Research and survey:

Research is crucial to any project. Before starting this project, first and foremost we researched past works, designs, and projects. Other, comparable devices, such as automatic sanitizers, have been the subject of research.

System Design:

In system design, we design the device considering its architecture, shape, and size. Also, We also list out the components for the system and plan the system operation and hardware requirements for the project. Additionally, we designed a 3D print.

Software Implementation

In the software implementation process, we create Arduino code in the Arduino IDE according to the design and upload the code to Arduino for prototyping and testing.

Prototyping & Testing

In, Prototyping and testing phase, we test the working of the device with a small developed prototype.

Device and component integration:

After the prototype, we integrate all devices and components per design and code. The materials such as Arduino, an Adjustable IR Sensor, jumper wires, wires, a USB charger, pipe, wiring strips, 12 v chargers, stalls, etc.

Data collection & Analysis

In this stage, we gather data and analyze it as necessary. From our analysis, we found, that the object should be 5–6 cm away to sense by the system. And, It takes 3 seconds to get the flavor-infused water from the bucket once the thing is discovered.


In the result phase, we gather the outcome. As a consequence, we validate if the system operates as intended. Although the dispenser has to be cleaned every day while it is in use. But the good thing is, This project is working and put into action effectively.


The Automated Panipuri water dispenser is a gadget that senses the Puri and automatically fetches the flavor-infused water. This method can be handy in restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. Moreover, the gadget has several benefits as we discussed, and is frequently used for automated dispensing in Nepal and other nations too.

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