9 Tips To Prepare For Class 12 Board Exam In The Last Two Months

12th board exams are approaching soon and the last two months are the most crucial ones. Exams can be scary as hell but with these tips, you can face your exam and still keep calm. You may feel like Jon Snow but let’s have faith that after sincerely following the tips given below, you will know everything.

  1. Keep yourself healthy- Without a healthy body a healthy mind is of no use and with an ill body, the mind isn’t a superhero either. So if you want to ace this exam make sure to eat healthily, drink healthy and think healthy.


  1. Fix a timetable- In order to study in a regular manner; you should make a schedule for each day. This can help you manage time for all the subjects efficiently. Plus the habit of creating a timetable will come handy to even after exams.


  1. Understand the basics- There is no way for you to solve difficult questions without perfecting the art of solving short and easy questions. Instead of mugging up your subjects try to understand the basic ideas behind the topics. This reading hack will be your reading friend for a long time.


  1. Make brief notes- personally making notes is my one of the favorite things to do while studying for the exam. Making use of sticky notes and highlighters will make your notes easier to understand. Making of brief notes can help you with your revisions too.


  1. Have varieties in your daily study- wouldn’t you just get bored if you eat same food regularly for 3 consecutive days. Same goes for the chapters that you study too. Try to make your study patterns and routines diverse so that you don’t get bored. Try to study two different subjects in a day so that variety in your study pattern will help you to stay focused.


  1. Focus on weaker subjects – you may despise difficult subjects like math, chemistry or major English but you must be best friends with them during the exam months. Focusing on the subjects that you are weak at will help you to get consistent marks in all subjects. And by consistent, I mean good score in all subjects not fewer marks in all subjects. So just focus on weaker subjects.


  1. Do not lose your concentration- Not looking at the phone’s screen every time it clings! Is not an easy task for kids these days? But if you really want to get a good score your desire of getting good scores should beat up your urge of tapping your phone’s screen. So sidebar all the distractive materials like phone, tablets, iPod, TV even your favorite novels or comics and get the exam-learning mood going.


  1. Solve sample paper- You may feel that the syllabus for your exams sucks. You may find them difficult and let’s on forget to mention, you hate the image of stupid old terrifying sample papers. But solving sample papers is one of the ways to ace your exams. They’re like rehearsals. Even big magic shows go great if rehearsals are done well, and yours is just an exam. So revise the sample questions paper to get the amazing score in final papers.


As seen in Facebook memes “a single sheet of paper cannot decide my future”, is somewhat true. The exam is just a test of what you actually know and what you’ve learned. So guys don’t overthink, give time to all subjects, believe in yourself and don’t forget, there is always the next time.

Ps. don’t share the pictures of gods and some weird vegetables on Facebook just to pass your exams we both know that is not going to work.

All the best for your exams.

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