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Are Movies Getting Shorter _ Sunway College Kathmandu

I recently conducted a data analysis project on Netflix movies, and I'm excited to share some intriguing insights with you![...]

Scholarship in Nepal _ BIT _ Sunway College Kathmandu

If you are a +2 graduate who is thinking of applying for Merit Based IT Scholarship worth Rs.2 crore for[...]

Scholarship in Nepal _ BIT _ Sunway College Kathmandu

For recent +2 graduates of Nepal’s top colleges, venturing into the world of Information Technology (IT) is an exciting prospect.[...]

You are interested in Data Science but still don’t have any idea or reason behind choosing Data Science!  Don’t worry[...]

Generative AI revolutionizes the creative process by allowing humans to supervise while machines generate. This shift relieves us from tedious,[...]

Threads is a social networking software developed by Meta, which created Instagram and Facebook. Threads allow you to see a[...]

Sunway International Business School (Sunway College Kathmandu) has signed an International Articulation Agreement with La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia on[...]

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a transformative force, connecting various physical[...]

Are you unsure about what to do after completing +2? Don’t worry Sunway College Kathmandu has been providing a pre-foundation[...]

An image that says IELTS scholarships for +2 graduates offered by Sunway showing a girl reading a book.

The headline seems too good to be true, isn’t it? No, it's not clickbait. It is indeed true that you[...]


Today, businesses of all sizes and industries require a powerful social media presence. The platform provides easy access to targeted[...]

Computer and Data Science

BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Overview Sunway College Kathmandu in academic partnership with Birmingham City University (BCU), offers[...]

An image that says, how does the for you algorithm work in TikTok.

Have you ever wondered how the TikTok algorithm work? Let us review and understand. TikTok is addictive. It is so[...]

What is Data Science? Data science is a field where the use of data assists us to make predictions and[...]

how to become a data scientist

Data Science is an evolving field of this decade, and it’s a good idea to jump into it. The role[...]

An image that says 6 data science terms everybody must know in2023

What happens to all this data? Where does it go? What do we use it for? And, What do most[...]

an image of a girl in dilemma on best bba alternatives after 12

BBA is a promising degree, but let's look out for its alternatives as well. Billions of web pages, and congratulations![...]

data science career

To be ahead of today’s trend and gain a competitive advantage, Data Science is the course/career that you should choose.[...]


At Sunway College Kathmandu, our IT and research club has developed a creative IoT Based Water dispenser. The Automatic Panipuri[...]


At Sunway College, we have a dedicated research lab (Sunway College Research Lab) where we focus on experimenting and researching[...]

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Birmingham City University ranks 501 – 600 globally as per Times Higher Education, 2022.

Sunway is currently working in academic partnership with Birmingham City University, UK.

Yes, the courses are approved by the Ministry of Education, Nepal.

All +2 stream students (Science, Management and Humanities) can apply for the course having met the eligibility criteria mentioned under each course.

Yes, both BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science and BA (Hons) Marketing with Digital Communication include one complete year of professional placement.

Yes, scholarships are available based on merit and economic condition.

You may fill out the admission form here: link or contact the Admissions Department at admission@sunway.edu.np or 9823047066.

There are two enrollment intakes, Autumn (September/October) and Spring (February/March) intakes.

Sunway College is located Behind Maitidevi Temple, Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sunway offers BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science and BA(Hons) Marketing with Digital Communication in academic partnership with Birmingham City University, UK.

The duration of the Bachelor courses are four years each. It is a sandwich course which progresses as two years of study + One year of placement + One year of study.

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