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Our Graduates are at:

Asteroid Venture (AV)Kiran Shoes Manufacturers(Goldstar Shoes)
Bank of KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited
BISage Pvt. Ltd.Manjushree Finance Limited.
Cedar Gate TechnologiesmBank Technology Pvt. Ltd.
CenTech Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Mega Bank Nepal Limited
Citedel InfotechNakshatra Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Civil Bank LimitedNepal Stock Exchange Limited
Classic TechParacosma
Cloud Factory Percoid IT Solutions
Cotiviti NepalPhect Nepal - Kritipur Hospital
DarazPrologic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Digipal SolutionsProshore
Digital Shikhar Pvt. Ltd. RaraSoft
EKBanaShree Airlines
F1 soft InternationalSiddartha Business Group of Hospitality
F1Soft Group (Darshantech Pvt. Ltd.)Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd.
FuseMachinesSunrise Bank Limited
Genese SolutionSyakar Trading Company
Global Education Counselling CenterTechKraft Inc.
Global IME Bank Ltd. Thakral One
GrepsrTime Pharmaceuticals
HLE NepalUniversity of Chester, UK
IHS Automation and Security Verisk Nepal
IntroceptWizonbiz Digital

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The course offers 9 months placement to the students as part of the Professional Placement Year. The college also has a dedicated placement cell.

You can talk to Mr. Diwas Pradhan, who is the Training and Placement Coordinator at Sunway

After the completion of second year students must undergo a placement year where they are hired by companies as paid interns for at least 9 months.

Students are often hired as interns based on their performance by the college during their academic journey in the college.

A week long career fair is held at Sunway once or twice a year.

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