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What to study after +2? Data Science and Artificial Intelligence – A career that never ends

data science career

To be ahead of today’s trend and gain a competitive advantage, Data Science is the course/career that you should choose. Let us tell you why.

Bachelor in Data Science is a multidisciplinary field where data is collected from all corporations. In data science, the data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted to prove or disapprove of any hypothesis. It involves mathematical and scientific principles to find answers to questions from the data sets they analyze. 

So, why should you study it? Or

Why should you pursue a data science career?

Never-ending career

Bachelor’s in Data Science opens your doors to your career as a data scientist, ML engineer, data engineer, analyst, or even a data science manager. Data is everything for any business or industry, hence, it is a never-ending career. Data science career in Nepal has also been quite a hot topic in recent times and it’s no surprise because of its high-demand in the Nepalese market.

High Paying Job

People who have graduated with Bachelor’s in Data Science have high-salary jobs. Due to the critical roles and responsibilities that data scientists carry, you are rewarded with the highest salaries. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Data Scientist is $117,345/yr which is 168% more than the national average salary.

average salary for a data scientist

Source: https://data-flair.training/blogs/why-learn-data-science/ 

Business growth

Nowadays, Data metrics are driving every business decision. Giant companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Starbucks, Netflix, etc. have been using data science from an early age. These companies are searching for manpower with an undergraduate degree in Data Science. 


Bachelor in Data science degree helps you in visualizing data that is understandable for business stakeholders to build future roadmaps and trajectories. It helps to minimize business uncertainty and discover trends. 

For Example:- We can predict the probability of a person winning an election through data science tools. 

Decision Maker

Data Scientists are an integral part of any organization. Data scientists are the ones who read and analyzed, and with a large amount of data, the importance for a data scientist is to read the data and make data-driven discoveries. 

As a data scientist, you will be the decision-maker of the organization where you will be handling immense amounts of data. 

High Job Placement

Due to the gap between demand and supply where there are fewer data scientists and more demand in the business world, job placement will be easier if you have the necessary skill sets. 

With the help of a degree in data science, you will be able to achieve those skill sets. It is also a highly rewarding career where your growth will be unpredictably tremendous.

What skill sets do you need to excel in to become a data scientist?

skillsets to become a data scientist
Fig: Skillsets to become a data scientist

Source: https://www.exeideas.com/2022/05/skills-to-become-a-data-scientist.html 

With Bachelor’s in Data Science degree, you will be able to learn all the basic skill sets you need to ace as a data scientist. If you want to pursue Data Science as your career, then, here are four core skills, you will need, to understand Data Science properly.

Statistics and Probability

Start by knowing the basics of Statistics and Probability. These are the major mathematical concepts of Data Science. 

You should be able to understand descriptive statistics where the topics include mean, median, and mode, linear regression, and hypothesis testing. Probability is also a very important part of data science as it is a precondition for mastering machine learning. 

Programming Language

There isn’t any specific programming language for Data Science. However, Python and R are popular programming languages in this field. 

Moreover, Python is the most preferred language by professionals due to the libraries and modules it provides. Along with that, most data teams also prefer Java, Scala, and C++ according to their needs.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning and Deep Learning are two separate topics and the subsets of Data Science. Learning the basics of these domains will help you understand Data Science conveniently. 

Machine Learning and Deep Learning help in high-value predictions. It helps in analyzing a large amount of data, making the tasks of data scientists easier with an automated process and without any human intervention.

Data Visualization

Data scientists love Data Visualization. Representing data in the form of charts and graphs which helps other people to understand the data and make it more profitable. It helps in discovering the trends in data and is interactive. 

To learn these skill sets of Data Science in Nepal, you can learn through different short as well as long-term courses provided by Sunway College Kathmandu affiliated with Birmingham City University (BCU).

A conclusion

Data Science is not only about making sense of data. 

In reality, it is about recognizing business issues and addressing them with analytical solutions. To gain that skill, a degree in Data Science will be helpful for your journey to becoming a successful data scientist.

Our opportunity for +2 passed Students 

If you are a fresher and just have passed +2, then you may have participated in the 7 Days Digital Marketing and Data Science Bootcamp conducted by  one of the best IT colleges in Kathmandu, Sunway College.

Sunway College had been regularly organizing Rs.30, 000 worth of courses free of cost for students and professionals. These workshops were given by industry experts having more than 10 years of experience in the Data Science and Digital Marketing field. 

After completing the Data Science and Digital Marketing Bootcamp, the students were given a project to work on. Any two best projects were rewarded with Rs.10, 000 worth of cash prize.

Free 4 days session/workshop on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as a career for +2 students is currently running. Online or physically, you can join either way, if you have not participated in it yet. You can apply for the workshop to participate in the boot camp.

Moreover, if you are thinking about pursuing an undergraduate degree in data science and artificial intelligence then you are in for a treat.

Sunway offers BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. in academic partnership with Birmingham City University (BCU), UK, one of the world’s highest ranking universities, the course is designed to equip with the cutting-edge skills required to satisfy the global demand for data scientist, machine learning, and artificial intelligence roles and thus building a rewarding career.

It is a 4-year long degree with total credit points of 480 credit hours. 

And, what makes the course even better is a 9 month paid professional placement based on the UK sandwich course layout.

Help yourself align your passion with your profession.

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