Digital Divide

Digital Divide

When there is a gap between regions due to access to information and technology then it is called DIGITAL DIVIDE. At this time the technology can be anything; television, telephone, internet, etc. It is the difference or gap between those who have access to information technology and those who don’t have and between those who are able to use information technology or those who are not able.

The digital divide can be organized into two: a divide between nations and a divider inside the nation.

There are nations having rich and poor information management they are referred to as global digital divide which falls under DIGITAL DIVIDE between nation.

But inside the nation, there is a divide among the people with their status to use information technology. Some can use them and some can’t and that is called DIGITAL DIVIDE INSIDE THE NATION

Among 2.4 billion internet user the divide goes worldwide because the distribution of the Internet varies from User to User and region to region

The digital divide can be bridged to solve numerous issues like,

  1. Issues in the health sector
  2. Crime resolution
  3. Emergencies
  4. Development
  5. Education

A person in trouble can have easy access to a communications network with the digital divide.

Advantage of the Digital Divide

1.Increase in Profit among business

Business ventures that spend on modern technology will get one more way to grow. Organizations with ICT facilities can take advantage of competencies and grow in the market.

2.Growth of lower socio-economic society

As the internet is broad so it will show the effects and problems of the conservative society. A person can grow if they take all things positively and bring a change in society.

3. Increases Opportunities.

Opportunities for personal, educational, and occupational increases with lots of facilities and easy access to solutions to the privileged members of society.

Disadvantages of Digital Divide

1.Differences between people

The difference between the poor and the wealthy will increase more when they get news and information from different sources about information and technology. It is not easy for all people to access them. So the rich get richer and the poor get no change. Due to technology there will be a gap between people.

2. Not effective cost-wise

Multiple organization like Government and non-government are trying to fill the gap between those who reach ICT and those who cant. These works are proven to be expensive among all due to the dynamic nature of technology. It is making purchasing the latest devices to be very costly.

3. Negative Impact on economy

The differences in digital services among people create an economic divide as well as a social divide, which will limits interaction between the two groups.

Also, the digital divide can be a rise in crimes because the people lacking such services can be engaged in such activities to acquire the latest technology.

The digital divide is a worldwide issue, about 70% of the global population fall on the downside; a situation referred to as Digital Abyss.

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