A Dream To Complete

A Dream To Complete

Ayush Ojha
1st Semester , BCS Hons.
Sunway International Business School

Unaware of previous incidents, I woke up to a confiding place of nature bizarreness only to be obliged by
the abyss beauty it presented. Looking around, I see nothing but wilderness, a beauty so intriguing that
cannot be explained in mere words. The shiny reflection from the wilderness, the glare of Winchester
Cathedral attracting my eyes and the flashy lightning assisted by kaleidoscopic rainbow.
As I get blown out by the beauty that I cannot comprehend and the drizzles striking against my body, I
am summoned by a sweet voice that comes to my ears like the melodies of life. The very person putting
their hand my shoulder and the warmth racing the beats of my heart I turn my head and see a peculiar
face that I do not recognize. I feel like I have known this person for years. I look deep down on my
memory lane to find nothing. We talk for hours there and all I can think of is remembering the identity
keeping me company in this dark and snowy evening.
As I fall deeper into this person, surrounding starts to disintegrate. Everything I was appreciating earlier
starts to fade away. Fear strikes my heart and all I can think of is protecting the space we are at.
Preserving this moment before it fades away like everything around me and then…
I wake up agitated. Look around to find my usual room. Then I realize everything was just a dream. That
sudden intensive blood flow re-energizing the effects of pressuring the mind only to realize more I think
more I forget about the world. I try to preserve what little I remember. Frustrations knot me, that self-
denial of obstructing acceptance of truth. I come to a consensus, I have forgotten a beautiful world that
I would never be able to get back to. Next few days, I try to crumble out of my bed denying the existence
of the real world as I try to get back to that place. Nights spent without success leading me to forget
about the pipe dream.
Therefore, I long to relieve that moment again and again. In hopes of getting back to that place where I
believe I can find true happiness. I am motivated to work each day going past the normal routine. I hope
to one day make it a reality and be reunited.

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