Entities of Marketing

Entities of Marketing

Marketing is the process of goods and services deliverance along with the promotion, creation of any product to the business and the consumers.

The entities that are marketed for the customers are many based on their need, among them, some are as follows

  1. Goods,
  2. Services,
  3. Experiences,
  4. Events,
  5. Persons,
  6. Places
  7. Properties
  8. Organizations
  9. Information
  10. Ideas.


These are the product that is used by all the businesses to show their marketing and to show about their efforts. These are the goods that constitute the efforts of multiple countries. In the case of the Nepali market, some goods are Cement from multiple cement factories(Sagarmatha cement), Tea Packets(Tokala tea, Muna Chiya), Noodles(Wai Wai, RaRa, Rumpum)

2. Services:

These are the entities which are served as a service to the customers and a business profit is made. A large group of organizations has been involved in such. In the case of the Nepali market, some services are Yeti Airlines for serving flight services to people, Hotel Himalaya for serving their customers to stay in rentals for some days, Merojob.com for serving people to find a better job.


These are the entities built by services and goods with market experiences and firms creation. In the case of Nepali market experiences entities are Nepal Tour Company for providing people with travel experiences, Nepal Climbing adventure for climbing experiences.


Events are those entities that promote time-based events like a sports event, Asian games, trade shows, artistic performances. In the case of Nepal events services are Rastriya Nach Ghar to show multiple trade events for a certain time being and also artistic performances too, Nepal Khelkud Parisad for sports events.


Person are also one of the entities for marketing major business, such type of marketing is done by celebrities so that people will use the product. Film stars, musicians are used for marketing. In case f Nepal Rajesh Hamal in the ad of Nepatop tank, Maruti Cement, etc, Swastima Khadka in the ad of CocaCola, Priyanka Karki in the ad of Smart Doko. These are all film stars in Nepal.

6. Places:

There are multiple places to attract tourists and the whole nation works upon it to make the city attract domestic and international visitors. For example in case of Nepal Kathmandu is known as the city of temples so during festivals there are multiple tourists from outside and in from Nepal.

7. Properties:

Property is also an entity for marketing. They are the intangible right or ownership of the owner that can be either real estate or financial property and they need marketing.

8. Organizations:

Organizations also work for their achievement and actively work on the system to build a strong and unique image on the public. Multiple organizations like profit and non-profit actively do marketing to boost up their image and stability in the world.

9. Information:

Any information can be a product and be produced and marketed to benefit anyone. Information is those used by multiple organizations like institutions and produce a variety of knowledge from them and distribute it to the public. For example, magazines, news-papers, etc. supply information.

10. Ideas:

There are multiple organizations that work on ideas. They sell and buy ideas and invest in them converting them into products.

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