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Every year, Sunway Family celebrates Nepali New Year with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. This event is volunteered by student club members. We have different foods, games, music/DJ, dance, face paints, cultural shows, and certificate distribution. There are many rewards for different game categories.

The day was packed with upbeat music that provided the ideal backdrop for an energetic mood. The rhythm swept everyone along, generating a sense of connection and anticipation for the next events.

As the celebrations progressed, the amazing Sunway Students entered the stage, presenting their spectacular dancing abilities. Their stunning moves amazed and fascinated the crowd. Each performance was a memorial to their devotion and enthusiasm for their trade, providing the air with an explosive energy that filled the stadium.

The day-long celebration established in the Sunway students a transmittable sense of excitement and friendship. Laughter and applause filled the air as they seized the opportunity to unite and make memorable memories together. The atmosphere was alive with real enthusiasm and happiness that exuded from each participant, making the evening genuinely unforgettable. We end the program when everyone gathers and dances to DJโ€™s music.

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