The First Experience : IOT workshop

The First Experience : IOT workshop

Currently a workshop was held in Sunway International Business School, Maitidevi . Around 50 students from different backgrounds and institutions were involved. Not all but some of the participants were attending it for the first time. We had interviewed a  participant Rohan Dahal, a resident of Gyaneshwor and ex student from Campion Kathmandu School . He is currently enrolled in Animation classes.

Let’s get to know more about the IOT workshop from him.

Q. How did you get to know about this event ?

Ans. My family member (Mother) is a staff at Sunway International Business School . She  gave me information about Free IT training ; and I took those classes where I got information about IOT workshop.

Q. Is it your first time in a workshop like this?

Ans. Yes , this is my first workshop and it was awesome , I got to learn more from it. 

Q. How was your experience in IOT workshop ?

Ans. I was interested in IT from the beginning but unknown about IOT and its uses and now with the help of this workshop I know lots of things in IOT. I just want to say it was worth it. 

Q. What did you learn from it?

Ans. Technology rules the world . Now I know the use of multiple devices, sensors, breadboard, arduino setup and software. I am able to work in IOT now, if I get the chance. My perspective of viewing things are changed now. Now I am able to understand about the devices and how they work.

Q.Was the workshop beneficial for you?

Ans. I learned a lot. It will be beneficial if I get chance to utilise it .

Q. Did you participate well ?

Ans. Yes, there was a presentation session Three Minute Thesis(3MT); and I gave a short presentation on digital Parking system. I had not planned anything it was totally based on our  research. I described a picture . At first I had very low confidence but slowly gained some confidence.

Q. How can you define the value of IOT in your life ?

Ans. Well, prior I did not know about IOT and I used to think about the embedded systems, remote control car systems but I never understood about it. And now I know the uses of it. It is just to help the lazy people, IOT works like simple machine. The more digital the world is, the easier will be life.

Q. What was your part in workshop ? 

Ans. I was a participant first which  turned out as IOT worker and presenter.

Q. Did you enjoy well from the workshop?

Ans. Yes, the event was interesting  and mentors were active and cooperative . Everything was so perfect.

Q. Will you participate more in upcoming workshops ?

Ans. Yes sure, I am very much interested. The participation must be strong in these and being in computer science I want to involve more in such kinds of events. Workshops are always better.

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