Websites are created to attract lots of visitors to the product it is delivering. People are the ones who join websites for their benefits so it is the responsibility of any website maker to deliver the right thing to the right person. Search engines are the place where visitors are available in a large context. One can have involved the audience using some HTML Tags for SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

Some HTML Tags to have a better SEO are as follows :

TITLE tag :

This tag has always been one of the most important tag to increase the rankings. Whenever any search engine ranks the website, it checks about the content it is delivering and what each page is about.This is the title of the content and this is how audience see the page in search engines. Every result in a search engine is derived from the title tag.Make it easier for search engines and humans when looking up your content.

Meta Description Tag

The next important tag is meta description tag. The title tag is used for the heading, and the meta description is used for the extra couple sentences of information that further describe what the content is about.This information shows in search results of Google. The snippet of text which is seen under the title is taken from the description tag. If this is done right, the meta description will not only help to rank well on Google, but it will also sell the “click” .It’s best if keyword are used in the title as well as the meta description tag. It improves how search engines list the content.

Header Tags

This is also one of the important tag. There are altogether 6 heading tags from h1 to h6. The list shows how a header tag can be used . This show the hierarchy of header tags:

  1. <h1></h1> – usually reserved for webpage titles.
  2. <h2></h2> – highlights the topic of the title.
  3. <h3></h3> – reflects points in regards to the topic.
  4. <h4></h4> – supports points from <h3>.
  5. <h5></h5> – not often used, but great for supporting points of <h4>.

Alt tag in Images

In reality, people not only see the ALL tab in the search engines they also want to see images. So in this case, if images have alt tags then those images that the site and page have used can be seen in the images tab in the search engine. For eg

<img src="Sunway.jpg">

this tag has only the source of the image. But if the tag is like this

<img src="Sunway.jpg" alt="IT college in Nepal">

So whoever searches for the IT college in Nepal then this image can be seen.

Link tags

Whenever a link tag is used it will increase SEO in other sites too. So to remove this rel = "nofollow" can be used. For eg .

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Test site</a>

Responsive site Meta tags

To inform search engines that the page is viewable in mobiles and other too and they have a responsive design available, following can be added:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Google puts emphasis on websites that are mobile-friendly. So if the page doesn’t have something readily available that people can view from a hand-held device, it will reflect page rankings in search.

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