Installing Android Studio

Installing Android Studio

Android Studio is used to create multiple android application. For those softwares the device on which we are working must be compatible with the Android development environment.

We can follow the following steps for installation process.

Step 1. Download android studio from here.

Step 2. Install android studio with the downloaded file.

Step 3 . Click Next to go further.

Step 4. Choose android Virtual Device as component.

Step 5. Specify android studio installation Location.

Step 6.Click on Next and install

Step 7. The installation will take some time to install.

Step 8. Click on Next and Finish to complete installation.

Step 9. After it is installed and start android studio following screen appears.

Step 10. A Dialog box appears with multiple options to start the project.

Step 11. Click on “Start a new Android Studio project ” to start working in android studio.

Step 12. A screen appears in Create New Project with the option of Phone and Tablet view for activity.

Step 13. Choose Empty Activity and click next.

Step 14. A screen of Configure Your Project appears , now we can specify Name, Package name and Location of the project.

Step 15. Now project is created and firewall option is popped out. Click allow for further.

Step 16. Now project is setup with multiple built in files like and main_activity.xml

Step 17. This will create default HelloWorld app in android studio which can be seen in developer mode .

This way a simple HelloWorld app can be created in android studio using only 17 steps.

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