Installing JDK 12

Installing JDK 12

To install jdk on your machine; first download JDK from here.

Once it is downloaded double click on it to install. Once it is installed then Java Runtime Environment (jre) and Java Development Kit (jdk) is installed in the machine. But installing jdk and jre is not enough to work in Java Development Environment. The path where jdk and jre are installed must be set to the System Properties .

But before jdk and jre path check whether java is installed in the machine ; for that follow following steps

Step 1 . Open command Prompt (cmd) and type java . If it shows “java is not recognised as internal and external command, operable program or batch file”. Then it means java is not installed in the device and similarly for javac which specifies about java compiler . Which can be further understood by following pictures .

Step 2. Even after installing java the device does not recognise java because it is not configured in the machine. So to configure them follow these steps.

Step 3. Open “Environment Variable ” from “System Properties”.

Step 4. Click on “Advance” of System Properties .

Step 5. Choose Environment Variables of Advance System Settings

Inside Environment Variable there is User Variable and System Variable . Inside User Variable add home location of jdk installed on your device for making the device compatible with java .

Step 6. For that process click on ” New ” button of User Variable if there is no any JAVA_HOME path set in the User Variable .

Step 7. Similarly to make the device compatible with java compiler add Path of jdk installed upto bin location in “Path” variable of System Variable . For that process click “Edit” button on the “Path” variable in the list.

Step 8. After all of the path is set click on the ” OK ” button in every pages.

Step 9. Once all path is set reopen command prompt and again query for java and javac . If all the path is set then the changes can be seen with multiple command options .

If anything like above appears then it shows that java and javac is set up in the device and then you can work for java programs.

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