Installing Python on windows

Installing Python on windows

Python is a robust and most popular programming language. In the last five years, python has grown by 19.1% share worldwide becoming the world’s most used and popular (30.8% share) programming language.

To install python navigate to the following site and choose the version you want to install :

Download python in windows

Click on the above download button and after it is downloaded run the installer. After the installer is clicked the screen will show the like following.

Python Installation

Check the both check box and click on install now.

Python Installation
Python Installation
Python Installation

After the file is installed click on the close button.

In this way python can be installed in the machine. Now to check whether the python is installed or not , we can do the following.

Open command prompt. Open run dialog box by typing run in start bar and then type cmd.

Command prompt from run

After ok is pressed command prompt will be seen.

Checking for python

Type python in command prompt and it will show the above codes if python is installed.

Now check whether pip is installed or not. PIP is used to install other files and libraries of python.

Checking for pip

Now path of installed python must be set. Go to Advance System Settings

Click on Environment Variable then a dialog box will appear with System and User Variables

Inside System Variable edit the “path” variable and add new path for the installed python.

Setting path for python

After the path is set python is easily set up in the machine.

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