Linux file Structure

Linux file Structure

The linux file structure is maintained by Linux System Foundation. The file system contains the following structure.

Linux File System Hierarchy

It can be further seen in terminal (Command line) in this way

Linux File System Structure

The file system can be described here as


This is the root directory. Everything in the system is located here whether that is in physical device or virtual devices. Every single file and directory starts from the root directory. Only root user has the right to write under this directory.


It is the location for binary directory where all the executable files, binaries and Linux commands are located. It contains all the commands used by all the users.



This contains executable files, it only contains system binaries which require root privilege to perform certain tasks and are helpful for system maintenance purpose.



It contains all the shared libraries which is used by ‘/bin’ and ‘/sbin’ . It also contains kernel module.



It is the directory to store software packages and Add-on applications from users.



It is the configuration directory. It stores boot loader files which are essential to boot the system.



It contains all the configuration files related to the machine. The startup and shutdown shell script responsible to start and stop a program are located in ‘ etc ‘. Static text files and binary files cant be placed here. The configuration files in this directory has extension of .conf.


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