Managing Work and Study together

Managing Work and Study together

Attending college from 6:30 am to 11:00 am and back to office for 6 hrs is a tedious work. However, if your are passionate about your work, you start enjoying our busy schedule.

Studying and working is not a big deal, instead pursuing these things together help uplift one’s self confidence. This approach to manage time for both gradually changes ourselves and make time management as the most important thing in our life. The college starts at 6 : 30 am and lasts up to 11 :00 am and then I work in the same college in the post of student counselor. Studying and working in the same college is  like getting knowledge and getting the opportunity to share your knowledge at the same time.

If you are willing to do the same, following points need to be considered:

1 . Plan your schedule

2. Convince your employer that you can handle both at the same time

3. Maintain timings for both and make sure they don’t overlap

4. Don’t overdo any of them

5. Focus one thing at a time

6. Utilize technology to shorten your mental loads.

Working and studying at the same time can sometimes give a lot of pressure but we just have to turn this pressure to motivation and we can get a successful outcome.

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