Obsession of death

Obsession of death

A friend of mine asked me, “Why this obsession with death? Why do you want to meet death when everybody is obsessed to avoid it?” 

I replied, “My obsession with death is not that to die myself. I want to live just like you all. Perhaps, Forever. I am scared even terrified of death. I fear more than you all. 

However, I can’t live with the fact that people blame death for taking their loved ones away. Death is always blamed for misery. I am tired of that. My obsession with death is to meet them, talk with them and know them better or ever take them on a date. So that I can I know how one can be so ruthless to take everyones’ lives and not feel a thing. You could even say I love death more than I love myself or ….. For me, meeting death is not just a dream its a goal. One that I seek to achieve with all my might or life you could say. 

But I don’t want you to mistake God with death. I am not trying to meet God. Gods are boring selfish creatures that don’t give a damn and yet humans worship them. Never understood the reason why there is so much faith on stones that won’t move  or talk or do a thing for you. Death is different. It is better at least in the sense that it is present in someone’s last moment when no one else is.

Perhaps this is why I seek death. I want to meet death at least once and know why always good things are taken first? Why good people cannot live long? What is the purpose of death? What goes beyond life? 

My obsession with death is not a one time fling like that of one night stands. Its been there since I was a kid and it will be there forever.

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