Asmita Adhikari, 4th Sem BCS Hons.

Asmita Adhikari – “The coronavirus pandemic has now reached everywhere in the world. On adding to posing public health challenges the outbreak has prompted mass closures of institutes and business and is straining resources. Due to the study, a business job we can give our time to family members. They have to wait for a long time to meet their loved ones. Taking everything apart this outbreak time we can have full time with our family members. To gain further studies I have to stay in Kathmandu and my family is at Dang. Though I get a quality education at Sunway Int’l Business School, I miss my family too. But due to this outbreak I am able to stay with my family and my education is also not being disturbed because my college is providing us online education. Right now I am studying in the 4th Semester in BCS Hons at Sunway International Business School. With the facility of online classes, I am able to continue my college in my home town with my family. I am having both my family time and my academics. Thank you Sunway College for this facility. And I request all of my friends to stay safe and stay home.”

Kabin Amatya, 1st Sem BCS Hons.

Kabin Amatya ” The whole entire world is scared of COVID-19. Countries like China, Italy, the US and many countries of the world shuttled down with this virus. The people who are tested positive with Coronavirus have been taken in quarantine. Nepal government has ordered not to roam out from the house. Due to this virus, all the educational institutes have been closed. Sunway College has started the online class from 23rd March 2020. The class is conducted as per the routine of college. The teacher and students use the Team app developed from the Microsoft Corporation by joining the call and by messaging in these apps. The teacher used to teach by presenting the slides or notes with the students and describing the topics. Interaction between Teacher-Student and understanding is effective like the physical class. Students can also post their notes, assignments in the online class. Due to this facility if students are out of range to attend online classes, they can read by looking at previous class’s record videos when they are online. If a student didn’t understand or can’t solve any subject related questions, they can contact teachers via email and by posting in the general chat of online class apps. Thank you so much Sunway College for providing this huge facility of Online class System. I WANT TO SUGGEST ALL THE MEMBERS OF SUNWAY FAMILY, TEACHERS AND STUDENTS TO STAY SAFE AT HOME AND DONT GO OUT OF HOME AND USE SAFETY equipment FOR CURE OF COVID-19. “

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