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BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

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BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

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4 years

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Mr. Rupak Koirala


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This is an updated version of BSc(Hons) Computer and Data Science course that was offered till March 2023 intake. BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence embodies the academic and industrial understanding that artificial intelligence is a highly demanded specialisation of computer science, and therefore practitioners of artificial intelligence must have a strong and solid foundation in computer science.

Level Four

The first year equips you with a solid foundation in key topics in Computer Science and introduces artificial intelligence. Therefore, the first year shares five of its six modules with BSc (Hons) Computer Science and covers key concepts, such as computer programming, algorithms and data structures, computer systems, website development and introductory artificial intelligence, and nurtures your creativity with an innovation project. Your practice is supported by presentations, seminar discussions of key topics and ideas, and collaborative practices with other students in the school or faculty. After the first year, you will have covered a broad range of topics in Computer Science that will upskill you to understand the key industrial skills and prepare you to take advanced topics in the subsequent years.

Level Five

The second year consolidates your learning with four computer science modules and two artificial intelligence specific modules. The computer science curriculum includes highly sought-after skills in cyber security, software design, object-oriented programming, databases, and web application development. The topics on artificial intelligence are machine learning, and machine learning operations.

These topics are highly practical and underpin the roles of Software Developers, Computer Programmers and Machine Learning Engineers in industry.

The Level 5 consists of a dedicated professional placement in Year 3 that helps you get hands-on industry experience working in the field.

Level Six

The final year covers the advanced topics in practice of artificial intelligence and covers the key application areas. These include Deep Learning, the technology behind the mass adoption of artificial intelligence in industry and its applications in computer vision and natural language processing. This year also teaches key enabling technology powering scalable computing in industry.

Your learning culminates into an Individual Honours Project where you display your learning by developing a well-rounded, professionally developed, artificial intelligence driven software solution for a problem of modern relevance.

The final year readies you for a graduate level job in the computing, artificial intelligence, and data science industry.

Course Structure

Year 1

Module NameCredit Value
Computer Systems20
Website Design and Development20
Data Structures and Algorithms20
Innovation Project20
Computer Programming20
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence20

Year 2

Module NameCredit Value
Object Oriented Programming20
Database and Web Application Development20
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning20
Cyber Security20
Software Design20
Data Management and Machine Learning Operations20

Year 3

Module NameCredit Value
Professional Placement Year120

Year 4

Module NameCredit Value
Deep Neural Networks and Ethics20
Modern Data Stores and Data Protection20
Natural Language Processing20
Cloud Computing20
Individual Honours Project40

Course Provided By:
Birmingham City University (BCU)

Entry Requirements

  • Students must complete grade 12 exam conducted by National Exam Board (NEB) or equivalent with an aggregate score ≥ 3.0 CGPA
  • For A-Levels, a minimum of 3.0 credits with at least a grade of D and above
  • Applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency with the BCU recognized English Tests: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/ELLTS –6.0 overall with 5.5 minimum in all bands

Enhancing your employability skills

You will learn of range of skills which will be key to enhancing your future employability.

Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Develop software solutions to real world problems.
  • Use a range of modern techniques to engineer software products.
  • Understand the role, and techniques and application of artificial intelligence in the modern software systems and their societal impact.
  • Implement the deployment pipeline of artificial intelligence and machine learning based software system.
  • Work independently and collaboratively.
  • Be a self-motivated, organised, effective learner.
  • Communicate your work effectively via both oral and written communication skills.

Professional practice guidance will teach you a range of skills such as writing CVs and job applications, and preparing for interviews; the use of social media and other platforms for self-promotion, presenting yourself and your work in a professional framework using a range of appropriate communication skills, such various types of presentation software will also be practised.

Graduate Jobs

The job opportunities for the graduates of BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence are immensely broad because they can work both in roles concerning software development as well as artificial intelligence and data science.

The graduates can apply for job roles such as:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Java Developer
  • Python Programmer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Backend Developer
  • Analyst
  • Machine Learning Operations Engineer

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FAQs Related to BSc(Hons) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Yes. Our eligibility criteria to join is pretty straightforward. You’ll need at least a GPA of 3.0 in your +2 (Science/Management/Humanities) or equivalent degree to qualify for this course.

You can fill our enquiry form Link or call us for more details.

You can enroll in BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Sunway College Kathmandu.

Our BSc(Hons) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence takes 4 years to complete, and in your third year you get a professional placement for nine months.

Sunway college Kathmandu has introduced artificial intelligence bachelor's degree in Nepal as BA (Hons) Marketing with digital communication from an academic partnership with Birmingham City university (BCU).

The graduates can apply for job roles such as: Software Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Computer Programmer, Java Developer ,Python Programmer, Computer Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Developer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Backend Developer Analyst, Machine Learning Operations Engineer and others.

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