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BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science

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BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science

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4 Years

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Mr. Rupak Koirala


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Do you want to develop the skills needed to be a leading computing professional in the 21st century? Sunway is one of the first data science colleges in Nepal to introduce specialized degrees in computer and data science. Data Science is an exciting new discipline that integrates computer science and statistics, which helps enable you to gain valuable insights that are needed in modern organizations. The Computer and Data Science degree course is designed to equip you with the cutting-edge skills required to satisfy the global demand for Data Scientist, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence roles and thus build a rewarding career.

This course shares a common first year with the Computer Science programme, covering fundamental concepts, such as algorithms and data structures, as well as nurturing your creativity. In the second and third year the course continues to teach vital topics from Computer Science such as software engineering, cyber security and databases.

The Data Science element of the course focuses on the technical aspects of data science as well as developing a wider appreciation of how these principles can be applied elsewhere. You’ll cover all aspects of data science, ranging from data acquisition, integration, storage, analysis and visualization of data. You’ll also learn about data mining, statistical analysis, and machine learning by working collaboratively with academics and businesses, applying practice-based skills to real-life case studies and projects. 

You’ll gain a well-rounded education in Computer and Data Science, whilst developing your teamwork and software development skills. When you graduate you’ll be able to design software by applying mathematical and scientific principles, enabling you to thrive in the IT industry.

We focus on employability so our course encourages and enables collaborative activity, engagement with work placements, projects and international exchanges. Various activities have been built into the course to promote employability such as innovation fest, mid-semester employability week and the mini project during level 4 induction week. You will have the opportunity to take a sandwich placement year between your second and third year. This is something that is highly recommended, as it will give you an invaluable opportunity to put your skills into practice, try out a potential career path and get relevant workplace experience that is valued by so many employers.

Course Structure

Year 1

Module NameCredit Value
Computer Programming
(Excel / Python)
Computer Systems
(Arduino / Raspberry PI)
Network Fundamentals
(Cisco Packet Tracer / Arduino / Fusion 360)
Data Structures and Algorithms
Innovation Project
(Arduino / Raspberry PI / Fusion 360)
Website Design and Development
(Figma / VS Code / Adobe Dreamweaver/Illustrator)

Year 2

Module NameCredit Value
Cyber Security20
Object-Oriented Programming
(Python / Java)
Introduction to Data Science
(Data Wrangling / R / Linear Algebra / Statistical Inference / Data Science Tools and Applications)
Software Design20
Database and Web Application Development
Data Visualization
(Python / R)

Year 3

Module NameCredit Value
Professional Placement Year (9 months)120

Year 4

Module NameCredit Value
Individual Honours Project40
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
(Python / Building ML predictive models / Deep Learning / Agent Technology and Game Theory / Reinforcement Learning)
Modern Data Stores
(NoSQL / MongoDB / Hadoop)
Deep Neural Networks20
Data management and Machine learning operations
(Data Warehousing)

Entry Requirements

  • Students must complete grade 12 exam conducted by National Exam Board (NEB) or equivalent with an aggregate score ≥ 55% or 2.4 CGPA
  • For A-Levels, a minimum of 3.0 credits with at least a grade of D and above
  • Students must have compulsory mathematics in grade 10 (score ≥ 50% or C+)
  • Applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency with the BCU recognized English Tests: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/ELLTS –6.0 overall with 5.5 minimum in all bands

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, theories, and principles of computer/data science technology.
  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary tools and technologies to produce solutions relevant to the domain of computer science/data science to meet a set of agreed requirements.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a professional working within the computing profession.
  • Appreciate the social, environmental, ethical, economic, and commercial considerations that impact the computer/data science solutions.
  • Critically appraise and deploy effectively a range of theories, techniques, and tools for the modeling, design, and implementation of computer-based systems for the purposes of comprehension, communication, prediction, and the understanding of trade-offs.
  • Specify the requirements and practical constraints of computer/data science solutions considering a wide range of aspects including legal, ethical, and social issues.
  • Recognize and analyze criteria and specifications appropriate to specific problems, and plan strategies for their solution and future development.
  • Work effectively as a member of a team, and undertake management and planning activities, recognizing the different roles within a team and different ways of organizing teams.

Upon successful completion of the course, you can develop your career in the following:

Data Analyst | Data Engineer | Data scientist | Data analyst | Machine learning engineer | Business analyst | AI engineer | Deep learning engineer | Data Platform engineer | BI analyst | Data Architect | Big data engineer | Database Administrator | Data storyteller | Machine learning scientist | ETL developer | Data distribution engineer | Quality Assurance | Data manager | Data science Content Manager | Research engineer | Research scientist | Chief Data Officer | Data quality engineer | BI engineer | Data modeler | Chief Analytics officer | Product/Finance/Risk/Marketing analyst | Software Developer | Software Engineer and so on.

You can work in almost any industry, from anywhere working in a data science team.

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What Experts Say

client image

Mr. Siddhi Kiran Bajracharya

Former Machine Learning Engineer at Leapfrog Technology, Inc

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Lots of companies have dived into data science without proper knowledge about what it is. I hope this kind of degree program will be able to equip students for the industry as well. Most data science enthusiasts focus more on research, while the industry demands people who focus more on applied data science skills. Data science is relatively a new term and new enthusiasts soon get disappointed with their job role as data scientist. I have high hopes that Sunway college educates its students and prepares their students according to the student's interest. Be it industry or academics.
client image

Ms. Angeela Acharya

Former Artificial Intelligence/ML Engineer at Ekbana Solutions

quote icon
That's very good news. There has been a massive increase in the number of people wanting to pursue a career in data science and related fields. However, in the current context, they usually lack the necessary skills because of the limited curriculums the colleges in Nepal have to offer. People usually have to rely on online materials to learn the necessary skills, which might not always be fruitful. A degree in data science will probably solve this issue as it will have dedicated courses for those who want to develop their data science skills. And hope that Sunway will be a pioneer in making enough Data Science and AI manpower in Nepal.
client image

Mr. Sagar Paudel

Current Lead Data Scientist at ExtensoData

quote icon
Data science is emerging day by day in Nepal and will be a prominent job in the Nepalese IT industry in the future. It's a good endeavor to bring data science to the academic level. The curriculum covers relevant topics required for data science and I hope they will focus more on practical aspects rather than just having theoretical knowledge because data science is all about solving real-world business problems through statistical, machine learning, and sophisticated deep learning implementation. Thank you Sunway College for this initiation and I wish all the students pursuing this degree success in their future endeavors.
client image

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Shah

Former Course Director, Department of Computer Science

quote icon
Data Science is critical for any business that generates large amount of data. Digital data is the fuel that drives the global economy's engine. A remarkable step by Sunway College for introducing BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science program in Nepal.
client image

Mr. Kusmakhar Pathak

Currently pursuing MSc Artificial Intelligence, London Metropolitan University

quote icon
Bringing data science to an academic level is a brilliant decision made by Sunway knowing how important the course is today. Talking about the course structure provided by Sunway, it is totally based on the industrial requirement. The best part after introducing the course is its paid professional placement of 9 months. This will surely make the students industry-ready before they graduate as rightly envisioned by the college itself. Finally, the course is best suitable for those interested in the career option of being a data scientists/analysts, software engineers/developers, machine learning engineers/developers, data modeling, data based design and much more. Leave it to Sunway for making the best academic decisions and being thoughtful for students future.

FAQs Related to BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science

Yes. Our eligibility criteria to join is pretty straightforward. You’ll need at least a GPA of 2.0 in your +2 (Science/Management) or equivalent degree to qualify for this course.

You can fill our enquiry form Link or call us for more details.

Sunway College Kathmandu has introduced Data Science focused Bachelor degree in Nepal as BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science program in academic partnership with Birmingham City university (BCU).

Every skill set requires guidance. To learn marketing principles and techniques you’ll need experts guiding you.

You can enroll in BSc (Hons) Computer and Data Science Program at Sunway College Kathmandu.

A data analyst makes sense out of existing data, whereas a data scientist works on new ways of capturing and analyzing data to be used by the analysts.

Data Science has a great scope in Nepal. Since, it is one of the highly paid jobs, has high job satisfaction, and lots of Job opportunities. Some career opportunities are Data Analyst, Data Engineer,Data scientist,Data analyst,Machine learning engineer,Business analyst,AI engineer,Deep learning engineer,Data Platform engineer,BI analyst,Data Architect,Big data engineer,Database Administrator,Data storyteller,Machine learning scientist,ETL developer,Data distribution engineer,Quality Assurance,Data manager,Data science Content Manager,Research engineer,Research scientist Chief Data Officer,Data quality engineer,BI engineer,Data modeler,Chief Analytics officer,Product/Finance/Risk/Marketing analyst,Software Developer,Software Engineer and so on.

Yes of course. The courses at our college are enough but if you want to explore more, you can learn from Kaggle, an open-source platform by Google LLC and so on.

To be a data scientist, you need to gain skills in a programming language(Python, Java, R), BI tools, Data visualization, Machine learning, Mid Statistics, and Linear Algebra.

Sunway offers a Data Science Degree as Undergraduate Program. And the program offered by this college is reliable for many reasons. - Highly Ranked University - Industry experts as Lecturer - Incubation center - Colleges with a higher number of placement partners - Provides several Non-credit courses in Data Science.

The contents related to Linear Algebra, Statistical Inference, Calculus, Applied Mathematics are all embedded in the existing modules. Mathematics is an integral part of the data science course.

Options are unlimited for further studies. You can choose any computer science related courses, management courses and so on in Nepalese universities or abroad.

Yes you can. Our degree is equivalent to the Degree of Tribhuwan University so you can apply for any Job relevant to this industry.

Yes, there are over 100 companies that are working in the field of data science. Some of them are: Numeric Mind, Nimbus Nepal, Nimble Clinical Research, Cotiviti, Grow by data , Extenso data, KEIV technologies, Alphateds ,Moonlit solutions, Kharpann, F1soft, LIS Nepal, M percept, Data analytics Nepal, Bsaitechnosales, Thakurintl Services, dIGICONNECT, Green leaf .ai, Diyo.ai, Leapfrog, Fusemachine, Nepal Data science system, BSAI techno sales, Datalytics Pvt ltd, Verisk,Rooster logic, Uptechsys Pvt, Tooglecorp, Deepmind creations, Bits beat, Annofi Technologies, LogicSeed, Infography Technologies, Cloud HImalayas, Spyders Lab, Ayaansh Pvt Ltd, Cedargate, Jaavra, Deerwalk, Deerhold, Big data Neal Pvt Ltd, Data Hub Pvt. Ltd.,Techcraft, Navya Technology, Toptal , Immutable, Ascendeum, Yomari, Cloud factory, Daraz, Pathao, Sastodeal and so on.

There are two paths to becoming a data scientist, one is formal education and the other are shortcuts such as bootcamps, certification courses, on-the-job trainings and so on. However, formal education from a higher ranking university has a better recognition and often helps you land well paid jobs and other career opportunities.

Sunway College offers a specialized degree in computer and data science at an affordable cost. You can also apply for scholarships at Sunway.

A career in data science can help you earn NRs. 60,000 to NRs. 1,00,000 monthly on average in Nepal But one can earn more than 5 lakhs per month if you have the required skills and experience.

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