Duration: 2.5 Years
Entry Requirements:
50% at the Bachelor Level
with 5 Years of work experience
OR 62.5% and above at the Bachelor level

Existing MBA course structure
+ P1, P2, P3
and any two of
P4, P5, P6 and P7.

Why ACCA at Sunway?

    1. Up to full Credit Transfer to Australia, The UK and The USA; Complete part of the course here and transfer to various levels such as Bachelor in Professional Accounting and Master in Professional Accounting at the country of your choice.
    2. Sunway International Business School is a part of Strategic Alliance among other education institutions and education consultancies. This ensures high academic quality and international network among foreign education
    3. Dual degree offer (MBA + ACCA) for the same cost and duration of a standalone course. Save both time and money!
    4. Placement services for high achieving students.
    5. Internship Support.
    6. Flexible entry from High School/ Bachelors/Masters.


    For more information about ACCA programme visit: