Our wide range of clubs offer something for everyone whether you are into arts and culture, sports, music or debating, there will be something which will be of interest to you.

For Community, By Community

Sunway Learning Community, a new chapter established within Sunway College with the mantra of “Let’s grow together” envisions to make education and cutting-edge technologies accessible to every student to enhance their education experience. We encourage students to participate in group activities that allow them to develop personal and professional relationships, learn leadership and team values, skills and serve the community.
Debendra Adhikari,
Ex. President, Sunway Learning Community
College Ambassador

Sunway IT & Youth Club

We conduct different IT
Trainings, gaming competitions for FIFA / Counter Strike and other popular games, events to support social causes and many more. Information is abundant, it flows through so many sources that what was once a river one waded through is now a flood we struggle to keep afloat in. IT leaders have to practice transformational leadership, situational leadership and innovative leadership all the way in order to lead digital transformation seamlessly.
Today’s youth, given better opportunities, are sure lead us to a better future.
Under IT and Youth Club there are two more communities “Competitive Coding Community and Viral Multimedia” each of the club helps the parent club and performs multiple task for the sake of students.
Xitiz Basnet,
Ex. President, Sunway IT And Youth Club

Sunway Events & Sports Club

We are not only a club, we are a family. We create values by working together, having faith on each other and make things happen in all possible ways. Being part of Sunway Events and Sports Club, we always look up to grow significantly in all perspective by organizing sports (physical) to life skill workshops both inside and outside of an organization.
Pawan Joshi,
Ex. President, Sunway Events and Sports Club

Sunway Speaks

This club is specially for knowledge assimilation, dissimenation, innovation , research for the students so they grow in international market and grow their knowledge professionally, personally and socially.

Gaurav Ojha,
Founder, Sunway Speaks