Project Requirement and its types

Project Requirement and its types

For any project to accomplish project requirements need to be classified and analyzed. The most important part is collecting requirements for a project. This process helps to define the project scope. There are some set of tools and techniques to gather project requirements. All the requirements can be collected using a requirement gathering tool. Requirements may include attributes of projects like its dimensions, its uses, color, specific property, and so on.

Requirements specify the final project deliverable and how it should look like and what it should do. Requirements must be measurable, testable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design.

Requirements can be divided into six basic categories:

  1. Functional,
  2. Non-functional,
  3. Technical,
  4. Business, 
  5. User

Functional Requirements

It describes the characteristics of the final product in a simple language and process that a layman can understand. The main idea is to make it understandable to the customers because the customers play a direct role in their development. Functional requirements are what you want the deliverable to do.


These specify criteria that can be used to judge the final product or service that the project is delivering. It consists of restrictions or constraints to be placed on the deliverable and how to build it. The purpose is to restrict the number of solutions that will meet a set of requirements. If there are no constraints then the solution can become very large and complex.


These are the part of the functional requirements where Technical. This shows how can the problem be solved? Is there a need for a technical tools or procedural ?. These specify how the system needs to be designed to solve and implemented to provide the required functionality and fulfill required operational characteristics.

Business Requirements

Business requirements are there to solve the need of the sponsoring organization, always from a management perspective. Business requirements are provides the business rationale of the project. These are the large outcomes to implement in the business needs, not limited to the functions that a system performs.

User Requirements

User requirements are the features that the user wants to do in the system. It is the need of the users that are going to use the system or product. The main focus of this must be the user experience which makes the product deliverable.

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