So are you a feminist?

So are you a feminist?

So are you a feminist? As soon as we hear the word feminist we seem to get furious because of some bad examples led by some people. But have we really thought and try to find out what really feminism is? Feminism is, in simple terms means to advocate for equality irrespective of what gender you belong to. 

Equality in the tech field is very important but there is a lack of women in technology and other STEM-related fields, and this is a global issue. It is not because women are less capable intellectually than men of pursuing science and math-based degree. There are a number of reasons why girls who are interested in STEM don’t pursue technology-related degrees. These include negative stereotypes, lack of role models, discouragement, low self-confidence and fear of competing in a male-dominated industry.

But here at Sunway International Business School (SIBS), we are advocates of encouraging women to believe in themselves and actively pursue an interest in tech. At SIBS we believe every young woman sitting in her class coding is as intellectual as her any male counter partners. Sunway has always believed in its students and their potentiality this is why Sunway clubs are run by the students. Clubs have always been an integral part of Sunway. Sunway clubs are a perfect example of women’s leadership. At Sunway among the 5 various clubs, Sunway Competitive Coding Community runs under the presidentship of Jagriti Srivastava. This is also an example that –

We do not compromise quality in the name of equality.

In fact, we are preparing all the females in our college to be equally competent and efficient. We are always trying to encourage females to find their potentialities and explore their interest in tech without being biased to our male students. We do have a number of female students in Sunway Clubs. They are not to the equal number of boys but something is always is better than nothing. We as an IT college have already started advocating for equality and still have a long way to go.

Nisha Baruwal

Program Trainee

Women LEAD Nepal

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