Start Programming With C

Start Programming With C

C is the basic level programming language but solves many complex problems. The power of logic building and problem solving techniques the C Programming language gives root level knowledge to all.

To start learning C programming language compilers for C programs must be installed on the device or we can use any of the online compilers.

C program is easy to understand and as it is procedural programming language everything in C program is in sequential order.

The C program can only be handled mainly by multiple compilers like Visual C++, Codeblock, dev C++, turbo C++ .

The file that is created as C program contains “.c” as extension. Once the program is checked by the compiler the c program file is converted to object file which contains all the compiled version of the source code.

The c program looks like this


int main()
printf(“Hello World”);

return 0;


The program can be understood in the following way

# is the keyword which defined what to work in the file.

include is the keyword to add any specific file to the source code

stdio.h is the header file which defines standard input and output to be used in the source code . The extension “.h” defined the file as a header file.

The above flowchart shows how a c program is executes and output is seen.

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