A Day to Remember – Sunway BCS Fresher’s Party 2019

A Day to Remember – Sunway BCS Fresher’s Party 2019

A new beginning , a new start with new friends and a start of Bachelors. Sunway International Business School has just organised Fresher’s Party at Gorakha Beach Camp , Kurintar with a new Batch of 2019 . Total 80 students with some staff and volunteers the trip started on Saturday , 16th Nov 2019. The day wasnt complete yet and we reached Kurintar at around 11 am , singing and dancing in three bus full of happy faces .

Breakfast was already digested with joy as we reached there with empty stomach but as students saw “JHOLUNGE PUL” all excitement was back because we had reached destination. A cheerful moment and a monkey version of all the student as we passed crosses the bridge was seen. Just after the bridge a few minutes of walk we reached the “Gorkha Beach Camp” , a beautiful view on the river bank.

Everyone was hungry and tired but more excited with the camp view and river. Soon after lunch tent for each team of student was decided. With all the facilities even in river bank students were happy and the weather also suited the mood for swimming. A hot weather and swimming pool was the awesome combination. With few moments in swimming and the local “ROTE PING ” . We gathered for ladies volleyball, and the big surprise was none of the ladies knew about volleyball. But anyhow one of the team announced winner and it was only the audience who knew how they won because it was a funny scene rather than a game for them.

After the ladies volleyball, men’s volleyball team was ready in the ground to show case their skill. And then we saw the real game. The sunlight was still shining on us as another game started “THE TUG OF WAR” . The game was so unbelievable that the two teams played the game till the rope was being stretched into two halves, as both teams managed to be winners in the first game. With an mutual agreement from both teams, they played another round which Section B came out winning the game. In the end, everyone was satisfied.

Just after the beautiful view of sunset at the river bank we headed for Mr. and Miss Fresher 2019 . Out of large number of students 6 girls and 8 boys were shortlisted for the finals. Among some club members and staff five judges sat for the final selection. A set of question was arranged and contestant got chance to choose their own judge. All the contestants were competitive with each other but there is always a single winner. Mr. Prabil Shrestha as Mr Fresher 2019 and Miss Aakanshya Gahatraj Sunar as Miss Fresher 2019 was announced with a great joy.

Just after the announcement the snack was ready to celebrate the happiness . A plate full of snacks and beautiful evening was not enough for the fun and soon music was there to call us on the floor . The evening turning into night was awesome with the sounds of music and we rocking the floor but the dinner was waiting for us to make our stomach healthy and happy so all went slowly for the dinner .

As the time passed , dinner completed we could see bunch of students having quality time with friends. The fresher’s party was the best time to get new friends and coordinate with them.

The moon landed down and the sun rised , everyone was ready after the long fun and morning breakfast was ready with some photoshoot . Some at swimming pool and some at riverbank everyone has new location ready for the photoshoot.

After all we headed back towards the old life, back to the same rush , back to the same routing , to the pollution , to the busy schedule. But the outcome of the trip was outstanding. The one who was completely shy and introvert got new way to introduce themselves to the crowd.

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