Sunway Clubs and selection process

Sunway Clubs and selection process

Whether its Annual Day , Futsal Tournament , Outing, IT certification courses, Hackathons, Workshops and Seminar and Grooming sessions, our college has its clubs to do all these kinds of work and its students to look after all those events.

Sunway College consists of all together six clubs maintained in hierarchy to carry over all the ECA works. Each club is responsible for its predefined task and performs so well and every member of the club are extremely work oriented for their clubs .

The sunway clubs are as follows

Sunway Learning Community is the parent club of all the clubs, under which Events and Sports Club, IT and Youth Club and Sunway Speaks runs; and Competitive Coding Community and Viral Multimedia Community falls under IT and Youth Club.

All the clubs have their own work and members, but in case of any of the event all the members work together as one. The Sunway Learning Community helps all the other clubs to conduct tasks and helps them to grow together.

All of the club and its members are really enthusiast and hard working. While selecting club members there are certain steps that needs to be followed .

The process are :

  • Sunwayains are required to fill up the form for club members
  • Once they have filled up the form , a date is finallised for the interview .
  • The interview specially consists of ECA coordinator, President, Vice President and one academics department.
  • There is technical interview session where members are chosen.

This process carries over every year and new members are selected . After the selection process each team of club have a proper meeting for session agenda and a plan for new session is made. Every member gets appreciated for their hard work.

Life for a club member at Sunway is an opportunity to learn, grow and live together.

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