Sunway Credit Transfer Program

Sunway Credit Transfer Program

Credit Transfer to Australia
Credit Transfer to Australia from Sunway College

Sunway International Business School offers credit transfer programs to ACU(Australian Catholic University). This offer is especially valid to the students studying in BCS Hons. program. Once a student gets enrolled in bachelor’s and completes the study of either one or two years then they are eligible for credit transfer.

The ACU focuses on one+two and two+one credit transfer criteria, where the student must study in Sunway College for certain time. The one+two criteria states the study in Sunway College for one year and the rest in ACU similarly the two + one criteria states to complete the two years of bachelors education in Sunway College and the remaining one year in ACU.

The ACU requires 240CP(24 Units) to complete. Each year carries 80 CP(8 units).

After studying Semester 1 and Semester 2 at Sunway College with subjects of Sunway College, ACU will grant 80CP to under one+two credit transfer criteria.

Similarly the two+one credit transfer criteria grants the subject of 160 CP(16 Units) and the last 80CP(8 units) need to studied at ACU. The granted courses for 16 Units must be completed at Sunway College.

Once a student is eligible for these criteria, they can apply for completing the rest of the courses at ACU. After the credit has been granted the student need to provide relevant transcript and the credit will be evaluated separately.

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