Sunway Events || Preparations

Sunway Events || Preparations


Though the event started at 1st June, we started our preparations some two weeks ago. But the start wasn’t  sports and games , it was the dance program that started.

All of the dancer and non dancer student used to gather at the seminar hall and one choreographer was hired to turn our student body into a dancer body.

It was the most difficult task to most of us, the total number of students enrolled for dance was about 25 and got reduced to 15. We were IT student and dancing in that way was really a tedious task.

To work in IT department we need brains and hands to work but to dance the whole body is required so for most of us moving the body with technology was easier than to dance in music.

We used to dance from morning 10 am today 3 pm and still we were not perfect. Each of the team member used to change the dance steps by their silly steps.It was fun to see them dancing. Some were very fast and some were very slow, some used to hit their partners and some used to move to another one’s.

But it’s said where there is will ; there is the way ; we completed our dance in 2 weeks. Five dances and fifteen students (turned out dancer). We completed the dance slowly and slowly and there was the day 1st June to show up in the stage.

This way Sunway started their Sports Week and their dancing team.      

– Jagriti Srivastava

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