Sunway Freshers Party

Sunway Freshers Party

Batch VII | 2019

With full of excitement we started our freshers journey. The destination was Gorkha Beach Resort which is about 100 KM far from Kathmandu Valley. Exactly at 7’o clock in the morning we all gathered around College Premises. We volunteers packed breakfast, collected sports materials and portable sound system from the Sunway premises and loaded into the allocated bus. We then called a round of attendance and left college premises at 8:55 AM.

As usual, we got stuck in traffic jam at Kalanki Chowk and it took us around 30 minutes to reach Satungal. Passing Nepal Telecom tower, Chandragiri, Tribhuwan Park , Thankot and Nagh Dhunga it was 9:05 AM. All of us were very hungry by then and decided to breakfast nearby. So we parked our bus aside and took a short-break of ten minutes. Volunteers helped to distribute the food packs among all. We had Veg Sandwiches, Potato Chops and Juice. After a tummy full of breakfast we continued our trip.

Kalanki Jaam

Stuck on a traffic jaam

Naubise- Dharke- Dhade-Bairini- Galchhi- Malekhu and then Majimtar, it took 1 hour. In this long period of time we played a common nepali travelling game ANTAKSHARI. One of the students pronounced it as ”Antariksh” – meaning outer space… We had a good laugh. We split into two teams, Team A (Freshers) and Team B (college management and volunteers). After a good competition put by Team A, Team B WON. Yayy!!! We reached Kurintar at around 12:25 PM.

Enjoying on a bus

We had to cross the Jhulunge Pool (suspension bridge) of Trishuli river. After five minutes of walk, we reached the camp. We were welcomed by one of the staff members with a cheerful smile and asked us to gather around for a small briefing. The staff allocated respective huts and tents to each group. We all gathered at buffet hall for lunch.

Trishuli River

Jhulunge Pool( Trishuli River)

It was pretty hot for the month of Baisakh, but we were in the midst of nature, with hills covered with green forest on the bank of a flowing river which is very pleasing for us Kathmandu residents. After lunch, we had a beach volleyball knockout game. Each team had five members. After volleyball, we had an hour of free-time. Some engaged themselves in pouting for their selfies, some played Carrom board, Table Tennis, Snooker, Dashain Ping (swing) while most of them chilled in the swimming pool.

Enjoying Dashain ping

Our snack time was scheduled for 5:00 PM, so we gathered at the main hall at 4:00 PM to conduct the Mr. and Ms. Fresher competition. Out of 32 students, our judges had shortlisted 10 students based on a talent round held back at Sunway itself a week before. All ten participants showed their talents and performance in different rounds. Selecting the best among such talented bunch was a tough job. Mr. Chandan Budhathoki and Ms. Sishadi Khanal became Mr. And Ms. Freshers 2019.

Mr. & Ms. Fresher 2019

After snack time, four teams were up for a knockout football match. Beach football is comparatively difficult as compared to normal football. However, we had a lot of fun. After this, we got ready for Tug of war. The teams were same as that of the football, to our dismay, the same team won for both football and tug of war.

Beach Volleyball Knockout

As planned, we had completed all tasks by 8:00 PM and the students then got their free time. The disco had started and we grooved to some very popular dance numbers. We had dinner at 9:00 and then grooved some more till midnight. We were still not done with dancing, however, we had to hit the bed to get up early the next day.

Late night

At night, one can listen to the sound of Trisuli river which makes you feel very close to the nature. Camping was a new experience for me. I had a sound sleep and woke to the chirping of birds and yes, the river. I got out of the tent and woah… the morning view was just awesome. We went to the river bank and clicked more pictures.

Morning View

At 8:00 AM, we all gathered around for breakfast and at 9:00 AM we were all ready to checkout. We were on the bus in half an hour and rode our way back home. Our trip was coming to an end and we were heading back home. We were tired, but we were bringing back home amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime. Oh, wait! We look forward to making more trips as such in the near future with our amazing new friends.

Some more memorable moments to remember 

Freshers Batch VII

Edge of Trishuli River

Playing Table-Tennis

Enjoying Snooker

Hello Everybody

Morning Face

Morning Breakfast

Ladies Gang

Inspiring Us

Lunch time

Dance in the bus

His voice Superb !

Buffet Lunch


✓ Kiran Singh Katuwal

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