Building excellence towards technology

Building excellence towards technology


And yes today APPLE and BLACKBERRY is not just fruit , it is more than that; something that is beyond understanding. These things can not be easily understood so we are here to visualise about it. It’s just a technology and we drive people towards it.

For more involvement in IT, Sunway International Business School has started free IT training for 6 weeks. They conduct training upto 6 days in a week.

The short sessions like IT as a career, Hardware and networking, Web designing, Programming and AI, Photography and Videography and Cyber security are conducted.

These days, the people are confused with IT or look forward to  grow up their career in IT get knowledge here through the multiple short sessions for each day .

Each of the classes includes short description about fields in the IT and show people the diversity of Information Technology.The fields to which; one can take after joining any IT class.

The session lasts for two hours and students get benefited from some theory and practical classes and as well as lunch provided from the college. During the session they also perform quiz and provide students with some gift. Getting such knowledge and free gift is really  a bonus to us. One session of IT training has been successfully conducted and they are running the next. And the involvement of students was really great. It was inspiring to see lots of people in IT .

Sunway has provided a path to grow further and succeed in the world and the world is incomplete without IT . So it is the path to grow up towards technology.

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