Spoon Race

Spoon Race

Spoon race!!!

It was around 3 PM when we headed towards the ground and guess what we had been called for ?? a RACE. I was shocked as well as sad because I had no  stamina to run and even become the second last in the RACE. But luckily I was saved, because it was not a running race but A SPOON RACE. Yes, a race between number of people with a spoon with a ball on their mouth. It was funny and I was planning to escape from there; but my bad luck. I was noticed and I had to participate.

Some were planning to use glue in the spoon and run so that the ball will be there till the end, some were practising and one of the member was searching for the deep rounded spoon and I was there; thinking about whether I would be able to walk with that spoon and how long will that spoon last and where would I see during race ??to the spoon or to the ball or to the way?? Lots of things were rolling in my mind. 

And all of sudden there was next announcement that we have to walk backward and reach to the goal . Oh ,I was annoyed that I won’t be able to hold myself to the game for even 2 minutes and winning that game is like digging a well inside a sea. 

The moment was arrived everyone got spoon and ball including me too. And we were instructed to hold the spoon by lips not by our teeth, but what about the people like me having teeth pointed little outward. People like us had no choice of holding the spoon with teeth and stay quiet and pretend that we are holding it with the lips. 

And the race started I was at the corner side thinking what will be the timing i will fall to the ground and to what object I will collide. But soon I started hearing my name..yes my name. And I just rolled my eyes beside me and I was leading and the people sitting out there was cheering up for me. Oh ! that was the best moment for me. A girl, who is always running from sports was winning the race. 

Oh ! my lucky small legs with long steps really made me proud with the winning crown .

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