Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

16th July, Teachers day; a day to celebrate who create our life. 

                                                Sunway Clubs the combination of three clubs; Events and Sports Club, IT and Youth Club and Sunway Leaning Community celebrated Teachers Day at their Student Lounge in Sunway International business school. 

Earlier they made a group called “Sunway Club” for  the discussion about the plan. The club members have good coordination between each other so, all the members took their own responsibility and completed their tasks in time. At 9:30am, some club members started working on  decorating the lounge.

Teachers were already invited in Student Lounge at 9:45am and at the same time the club members were still busy managing the event. At 9:50am they completed the decoration work. The cake was delivered at 10:00am. The event started with a  “Guru Purnima” song.

The teachers cut the cake and all the students wished them a very happy teachers’ day. The cake was cut into small pieces and distributed to all the teachers and students. We thank all teachers for their invaluable efforts to help us learn not only the course curriculum but various aspects of life.

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Asmita Adhikari

2nd Semester , BCS Hons. Sunway Int’l Business School.

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