The Sunwayian Experience

The Sunwayian Experience

As a Sunwayian I can say that I am very grateful and happy to have joined Sunway Int’l Business School. In my time studying here I’ve come to realize that this is not just an IT college but the best if not one of the greatest IT colleges in Nepal in my opinion.

Sarvesh Dixit
1st Sem
Sunway College

It has a great friendly environment and a caring community that just makes you feel comfortable and that you are in a great place, it offers an International Degree both for bachelors and masters which in Nepal is an great achievement to be able to complete and match in an International level, it’s a must recommended for people who are seeking to receive an international level skills in an IT Field. It provides various courses on BCS-IT (HONS.) and MBA

It mainly focuses on the students priorities and needs which is great for the student because it helps and shows how much the student can explore his/her hidden talents and really prosper in their interested field/courses, as I said it offers an International Degree in a reasonable affording price which are approved by the Ministry Of Education and Tribhuvan University , as with the great courses in IT Field it also offers the non IT fields such as sports, literature, public speaking etc  in the form of clubs which really help you know your side interests or hobby’s and make them your greatest skill. These days, the students are confused with IT or look forward to truly learn and make informed decisions on their career in IT Field, well Sunway is committed to help those students who are confused about their interests in the IT Field and their interested future career, and they encourage students to become more of an employer than an employee.

“Before joining this college I wasn’t the best at deciding what to learn and what my interests were but since I’ve joined this college, it really has helped me bring out the best version of myself and made me a better person than before help me make my goals clear.”

In conclusion, Sunway Int’l Business School (Affiliated with Infrastructure University) is an outstanding college of Nepal which provides a path for a quality education in an international level and helping in developing student’s skills to their best of capabilities  

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