Bibek Gautam
IIIrd Sem
Sunway College

Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.” youth and the epic journey called growing up. Most people tend to, in a way or another, be deeply defined by their teenage years. School/college is a fond memory to some and a painful one to others, but I think everyone can agree that it is a unique and special period of our lives, one that has no equal. Most people quickly relate the words School/college with friendship, as the friends you make in that period of time seem to leave a permanent mark in your memories and so does the time you spend with them, most of which is filled talking about something random or even stupid, laughing at simple and normal things, sharing mutual interests and hobbies, talking about the opposite gender in a playful or perverted way and worrying about the weirdest things. Yes, those years you spend in School/college are special in a simple and silly way and it is indeed the golden age of anyone’s live.

Sharad Poudel
Ist Sem


December had so many things to offer. A spine chilling cold and my mom’s sewed large sweater. A hardworking hour and a great nap with my brother. The never-ending long nights and the stories of my dad. A burning fire aside the balcony and the unburnt wood, kept to make fire. December seems too gracious, offering me every kind of happiness I deserve, offering me everything I had ever wished for. When the Santa comes riding his sleigh, I don’t wish a fancy gift, neither a fortune. All I keep asking through is “A LOOPED DECEMBER”. But I wish the new year to never come back, however it does, making me a year older than I was. Growing me up with the maturity and taking away the innocence I have. Leveling me up with the challenges I am not ready for and wrinkling my pretty face with the worries of responsibility. Dear January I am sorry, but I HATE YOU!

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