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UK Certified Short Courses on Data Science and AI

Sunway College Kathmandu with a vision to Create AI Leaders in Nepal, launches Bachelor degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence along with Short Term Professional Certification Courses with an aim to fill the void of IT manpower in data science and Artificial Intelligence in Nepal which can serve the country and global community. 

Sunway College offers BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence in academic partnership with Birmingham City University, UK which ranks 501-600 globally as per Times Higher Education World Rankings 2023. The Bachelor degree is of 4 years duration with dedicated 1 year professional placement.

“Today the world has become virtual and IT jobs are flourishing globally. Students of Nepal have an advantage to stay in their country and work for international companies. There are massive job openings in data science and AI world wide. This is a job ready course that empowers a person with skills for bigger career opportunities”, says Bigyan Shrestha,Chairman of Softed Group. Data Science and AI are one of the highest paid jobs locally and globally. Graduates in Nepal are paid with a salary ranging from Rs. 80,000/-. To Rs. 1,50,000/- per month. With over 100+ established and emerging IT companies in Kathmandu itself, that work in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, supporting high demand and employment of the graduates.

Sunway College has industry links to many IT companies in Nepal and the course has been designed with their expert advisors so that  students once they finish the programmes are absorbed in the industry.  

Starting from 28th May 2023, Sunway has provided free sessions on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to 12 cohorts , totalling to 1061 +2 and Bachelor level students by receiving over 3000 applications through their website and various social media platforms. Addressing this huge market demand, Sunway College has also introduced professional courses in collaboration with NCC Education,UK (UK Colleges) for students from non-IT streams such as BBA, BBS, BA, BSW who want to switch their profession into IT. “We have received immense applications from students who want to switch their career into IT and we want to support them to fulfill their dream. Also the students who are studying or have completed BIM, BIT, BCA, Bsc. CSIT can also join these courses to add extra professional skills to their career”,  says Head of Operation of Sunway College, Simoli Desai.

“With successful implementation of NCC UK certification courses with over 15 educational institutions in Nepal, we have partnered with Sunway College to offer 2 courses, the first course being Data Analysis with Python which is an Intermediate Level course of 2 months duration for individuals who what to start from scratch i.e from any educational background and the second course “Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence” of 3 months duration for individuals who have prior knowledge in Data Analysis with Python. The selection of the candidates is subject to a comprehensive test to analyze their prior knowledge level.” says Shankar Shrestha, Business Development Manager, UK Colleges.

Sunway Student Representative Council (SSRC) has recently collaborated with DataCamp Donates for Data Fellowship 2023 under which 20 students have been provided with scholarships worth Rs. 60000 each. This opens a promising access to a dedicated Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Community that promotes an ecosystem of learning and one to one mentorship” says Udit Kumar Mahato, President of SSRC.

“Both these academic and professional courses are structured and shall be delivered with hands-on training via the Lecture-Tutorial-Workshop instructional format that aims in bridging the gap between academia and industry in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. After completion of the Intermediate level course, students can work as Analyst in Data,Business,Finance, Healthcare, Social Media,Data Journalist,Data Visualization Specialist,Junior Data Scientist and similar and after completion of the Advanced Level course, students can apply for positions as Machine Learning Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer,Computer Vision Engineer,Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Research Scientist, AI Consultant, Academic Researcher or Educator, Startup Founder or Entrepreneur(AI focused), Quantitative Analyst (Quant) and similar”, says Mr. Rupak Koirala, Course Director at Sunway.

“Softed Group colleges, Sunway College and Softwarica College have been working jointly in the Research and Development of these courses along with staying up to date with the advancements in the field of IoT, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. We are confident that these courses will assist graduates with upskilling their hard skills that can help increase employment opportunities in Nepal with high paying jobs.” says Pramod Poudel, Director at SoftEd Group.

The college also offers scholarship opportunities for the students for both the courses. Interested students can register for the course via the following link:
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